Salt & Straw Debuts New Limited Time Vegan Flavors

We already were loving the seasonal flavors that had debuted at Salt & Straw in Downtown Disney for the Holidays, but their new seasonal flavors to kick off 2019 have us more intrigued and excited than ever.

The Portland-based ice cream maker already had a variety of vegan flavors on their regular menu, but this time their entire seasonal lineup was also completely vegan and has been dubbed Vegandulgence. Additionally we loved the nod to Elvis (being his birthday month) for one of those new featured flavors. All three flavors were anything but boring, and any negative preconceived notions about vegan desserts can be thrown out the window with this new delicious lineup.

One of the best things about Salt & Straw is they are always willing to let you try and sample whatever you want before you decide, and in fact they encourage it. So if you are unsure, at least give them a sample. Being vegan, all three flavors are coconut milk based, so the lactose intolerant can rejoice!

First up, Toasted Coconut Milk & Cookies (V). This flavor was the only flavor where the coconut milk base was very apparent, but given the name, this was likely on purpose. The ice cream had large chunks of gluten free chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ganache made from almond milk. For the less adventurous, this one is for you.

Next up was the Oatmeal Moon Pies with Aquafaba Marshmallows (V). First and foremost, this flavor begins with rich chocolate taste. There are chunks of oatmeal cookie moon pies mixed throughout, and bits of chocolate stracciatella for additional chocolatey goodness adding to that overall rich chocolate taste. Chocolate lovers will definitely love this flavor!

Finally, we saved the best for last. The Elvis Peanut Butter Banana Split (V). A nod to the King himself, and the foods he often indulged in. The base is blended with bananas, mixed with cashew butter, marionberry jam, and chunks of peanut butter “bacon” brittle. The cacophony of amazing tastes in this ice cream definitely makes this the top choice of the three. The jam and cashew butter mix very well, and the added crunchy bits of brittle make it the perfect ice cream texture combo.

So what are you waiting for? On your next visit to the Resort, make sure to stop by Salt & Straw and treat yourself to a bit of Vegandulgence.


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