Try Everything Daily Photo Update: Disneyland Resort 1/5/19

The holidays are over, but most Winter Breaks had not ended on our last visit, so the crowds were in full force at the Disneyland Resort.

We arrived shortly after 9:30am, and the Anaheim Police had already closed off the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, and were redirecting guests to the Toy Story Parking Lot off of Harbor Blvd. If you are ever unsure about the parking situation prior to your arrival at the Resort, make sure you are following @DisneylandToday on Twitter for parking and crowding updates.

We decided that line to access trams and security was too much to handle, so set off on foot to try our luck at either the Downtown Disney security checkpoint or the Disneyland Hotel security checkpoint. Both locations were crowded, but significantly less so than Mickey & Friends and were moving along much faster. (Plus there is no wait for a tram after)

We finally made it through, and made our way through Downtown Disney. Ballast Point is looking just about ready to open, and in fact at the time of this post, test and adjust with friends and family has already begun at the location.

The outdoor patio looks like it is going to be the top spot for taking in those views and fireworks evenings.

Over at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, work is well underway for the new Pool Bar addition as well as a new look to the beloved White Water Snacks.

 © Disney / Artist Concept Only

We headed down to ground level for a different perspective.

The Mandara Spa and bathrooms adjacent to White Water Snacks still remain open for guest use, as is the pathway that leads to the entrance to the old Pool Bar and White Water Snacks location.

After our quick visit to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, we made a stop at Salt & Straw to try all three of their new flavors for their Vegandulgence celebration in January. We did a full review on all three new flavor, and even weighed in on our favorite. You can read that here.

You can find the Purple Potion ears almost in every store at the resort. They must have prepared better for this color debut, since their ‘sold out’ experience when Rose Gold debuted.

We headed over to Disney Calfornia Adventure Park to the Pixar Pier, because we had heard that Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums had received its mid-century modern signage treatment.

It looks even better at night all lit up.

We had also noted that they added some additional art and graphics to the front of the Poultry Palace.

The graphic quote on the front says, “Only you can wield the mace of poultry.” (aka turkey leg) The front of this location always looked like it was missing something, so the addition definitely makes it look much more complete.

The parks also debuted new balloons for the Get Your Ears On Celebration celebrating 90 Years of Mickey.

Over in Disney California Adventure Park, the original Blue Wall has been covered up by a Mary Poppins Returns wall. There are other walls in the area with the now famous blue color, but this wall was the original location with the best lighting for those perfect portraits.

They have also repainted the dirty and worn spots on the Up Balloon Wall and added a Wall-E Wall for additional photo opportunities.

Lastly, as most of you have already heard by now via the news or social media, Disneyland Resort has raised their ticket prices and annual pass prices. While it is likely this move may push more families to Knott’s Berry Farm or Six Flags Magic Mountain, the fact remains that Disneyland is still an incredible entertainment value compared to sports events, concerts, etc.

Well that does it for the first part of this week, as we will have another photo update for you by the week’s end. There is so much going on at the resort as it transitions from the Holidays to the Get Your Ears On Celebration. See you soon!

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