Try Everything Daily Photo Update: Disneyland Resort 1/12/19

Downtown Disney has completely shed all of its Christmas and Holiday decor, as it now prepares for Spring and the Get Your Ears On Celebration for Mickey and Minnie’s 90th.

Even the former ESPN Zone, AMC Theaters, and Rainforest Cafe locations have decor displaying the Mickey and Minnie theming for the Get your Ears On Celebration.

The banners throughout Downtown Disney have been changed as well too.

Planters throughout Downtown Disney have been changed for what looks like a more Spring look, instead of featuring Mickey or Minnie themed topiaries, etc. It is still early on however, and these could potentially be changed.

Probably one of our favorite changes so far has been the classic Mickey design on the Disneyland’s Monorail Blue. It looks great, and we wouldn’t mind seeing this one stick around.

There were rumors swirling around social media that Disneyland Resort was to do away with physical park maps in early 2019, in favor of the digital and interactive maps on the Disneyland App. However post the Holiday season, new standard maps already made their debut.

Walls are starting to pop up throughout the parks, as Disneyland Resorts enters their “slower” period of refurbishments and closures.

Disney also announced a complete refurbishment of Sleeping Beauty Castle to re-roof the beloved structure and bring her back to all her glory prior to the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The castle is scheduled to re-open sometime in Spring 2019.

In addition to the resort prepping for the Get Your Ears On celebration, Disneyland Resort merchandise stores have already seen the collectible merch for the celebration debut ahead of the celebration’s kickoff.

Keys to all the Kingdoms

Over in Adventureland, we noticed they had replaced the decorative tapestries hanging above the Enchanted Tiki Garden.

It’s great how well the spires of Black Spire Outpost blend in with the scenery of Frontierland and Critter Country. By quick glance, the average person can’t even tell.

Over at the future site of the Marvel themed land, almost all of the past Bugs Land has been cleared out. You can now see straight through to Cars Land.

At Pixar Pier they removed an entire section of the wood wall that lined the entrance down into the pier closest to the Incredicoaster.

This section of wall used to be the home of the Coco billboard which was moved up the pier to take the place of the Up billboard, which looks as if it was completely removed.

The new exposed area really opens the front of the attraction. Guests now get a better view of the mid-century modern station, switch track, and the entire first show scene with Edna Mode and Jack-Jack.

Grizzly River Run and the surrounding area has closed for its refurbishment as well.

At the Disneyland Hotel, the giant Sorcerer Mickey hat is sporting a new logo to match the Get Your Ears On celebration. The Disneyland Hotel did a similar change for the 60th’s Diamond Celebration as well.

There were also banners up around the grounds and pool areas.

Trader Sam’s outdoor fireplace also got its new furniture and lighting. The area looks really great now, and serves as an excellent extension to the outdoor patio of the bar.

That about wraps it up for this update. Thank you for those that continue to check back, and for those that have emailed us or messaged us on our social media accounts. If there is something that you want us to focus on, please let us know.

*All photos in this post were shot on iPhone


2 comments on “Try Everything Daily Photo Update: Disneyland Resort 1/12/19”
  1. What is the type of manufacturing company, where did they get that the trader sams cozy deep lounge chairs outside near the fireplace.


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