Birthday Hat Macaron is the Most ‘Fun’ Treat You’ve Ever Had

When we saw the press release for all the fun and delicious-looking treats and food offerings available for Disneyland’s ‘Get Your Ears On’ Celebration, we knew we were in trouble. From the insanely crazy ‘Share Your Ears’ Cheeseburger to the downright fun Birthday Hat Macaron, our list was growing quickly.

We armed ourselves with a Food Guide, available at Guest Relations Information Board, and headed to the grab the item on the top of our list…the Birthday Hat Macaron.

Available at the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land, the Birthday Hat Macaron goes for $5.99 and can be found at the cone that serves pretzel bites and bread twists.

The Birthday Hat Macaron is a picture perfect treat absolutely made for Instagram and social media. The macaron is filled with cotton candy flavored buttercream, and confetti sprinkles and pop rocks.

Splitting open the macaron is half the fun (besides eating it of course), because confetti sprinkles rain out all over the place.

The Birthday Hat Macaron is delicious, and the cotton candy flavor is not overwhelming like you would expect. It’s more a subtle note. The macaron however is incredibly sweet, so we definitely recommend sharing with a friend or loved one. This treat is a definite recommend from us, so grab your food guides and add this one to your list.

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