‘Spilling the Tea’ on Mickey’s Tea Party Celebration Classic Afternoon Tea at Steakhouse 55

From January 18th through March 31st, Steakhouse 55 is hosting Mickey’s Tea Party Celebration at the Disneyland Hotel. Although not stated on the official Disneyland website, this seasonal celebration replaces the traditional tea offering. 

Danny and I managed to secure a table on its inaugural day and had a wonderful and colorful tea experience. The tables had a Mickey and Minnie fresh-flower centerpieces. I found this small detail to be an adorable way to set the tone for meal. 

Along with the Mickey themed menu, there were a few new teas on the list. We decided to give the Mad Hatter and Princess (caffeine-free) tea a try while choosing to do the premium tea party sitting. This option includes a glass of sparkling wine, seasonal salad, and a pair of truffles upon departure.

First to arrive at the table was the sparkling wine and the salad with heirloom and yellow tomatoes, melon, topped with burrata and balsamic reduction. I enjoyed this far more than I anticipated because I tend to steer clear of anything tomato based. It turned out to be a refreshing twist on a basic salad. 

Our teas were brought to the table not long after the salad and I welcomed the comforting warmth of these delicious additions. The flavors were polar opposites and were actually quite tasty without any sugar or cream. I must confess to having a second pot of the caffeine-free Princess blend. I highly recommend trying them, and asking your server if they have any specific recommendations. 

Finally, the scones, tea sandwiches, and desserts were rolled over along with healthy helpings of seasonal fruit preserves, Devonshire cream, and lemon curd. I absolutely adore these classic touches.

Unlike the traditional setup for afternoon tea, where the scones are presented on top followed by sandwiches and then dessert, Mickey’s Tea brings out the kid inside of us all by dessert being the star of the show. The top tier of the display was made up of a pair of apricot marmalade filled shortbread cookies, a sorcerer Mickey and a Minnie chocolate covered strawberry, and a pair of Steamboat Mickey cupcakes. We chose to save this plate of goodies for the end of our meal so I’ll get back to that in a moments. 

The second tier was comprised of innovative finger sandwiches. There was a set of Chicken Salad, Roasted Watermelon and Pimento Goat Cheese on Pumpernickel, Blueberry, Ricotta, Prosciutto and Shredded Coconut Sandwich, and Apple and Edamame Sandwich. While they were all delicious, the star of this show would have to be the Roasted Watermelon and Pimento Goat Cheese on Pumpernickel. Plus, they were shape like Mickey…we could have had a whole platter of those! 

The bottom tier housed the classic starters: scones. These Mickey shaped creations had a generous helping of chocolate chips throughout with a fruit drizzle on top. A pair of them had yellow chocolate buttons, the others with crisp rice puffs, and the plate was adorned with a set of white chocolates with classic animated artwork printed on top. I recommend eating these scrumptious scones with a bit of the Devonshire cream…and I always need to order an extra serving because it’s Danny’s favorite. 

Now, let’s get back to dessert. In addition to the strawberries, cookies, and cupcakes, there were classic movie scenes printed to look like film strips on white chocolate squares with Mickey sprinkles scattered on the plate. This was a true celebration for the eyes and tastebuds. The short bread Mickey cookies were a mashup of classic Mickey and Sorcerer Mickey created with colored chocolate and one ear made to represent the famed blue hat—complete with sugary star sprinkles. I was apprehensive about the apricot marmalade but I ended up loving it. The Get Your Ears On chocolate covered strawberries were super juicy and made for a good take-away snack because we were stuffed. My personal favorite dessert on the plate would have to be the cupcake because the cookies and cream icing was light and fluffy and the chocolate cupcake itself wasn’t too sweet. I managed to make room for a few bites and I don’t regret it one bit. 

Overall, I had a wonderful time at the Mickey’s Tea Party Celebration Afternoon Tea. We both agreed that this is the restaurant’s best themed tea we’ve had after having experienced every single one in the past year. The service was impeccable (as always) and the meal was imaginative. If you have the opportunity, make a reservation before it disappears! The Afternoon Tea is held from 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with this one running through March 31st in honor of the Get Your Ears on celebration for Mickey and Minnie’s 90th year. The cost for this event is as follows: $65 for premium tea, $52 for classic tea, and $35 for children, plus 18% gratuity and taxes. All discounts are accepted.

Click this like to be sent directly to the Afternoon Tea at Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Reservations page: https://disneyland.disney.go.com/dining/disneyland-hotel/afternoon-tea/

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