Try Everything: Banana Pudding Churro at Disneyland Park

The Get Your Ears On celebration began on January 18, 2019, but not all of the delicious-looking treats were available at the start of the celebration. Get Your Ears On started around the same time as they were to begin the Lunar New Year Festival and Valentine’s Day celebration, so they held back some of the treats and eats. Now that both of those extra festivals are over, some of the additional treats for the Get Your Ears On celebration have started to make their debut.

The Banana Pudding churro has finally made its debut, and the truth is…it works. It’s a classic churro rolled in vanilla cookie crumbles with banana pudding dipping sauce. We couldn’t really taste a vanilla cookie flavor on the churro itself, and to us it just tasted like a plain churro. (Which is definitely NOT a bad thing!) The banana pudding dippping sauce is the star of the show here, however, and gives us vibes of the banana ice cream pops from our childhood.

The churro costs $6.25, and this price includes the dipping sauce. It’s located at the churro cart just outside the Haunted Mansion. If you were considering this churro when going through the food guide, definitely add it to your list.

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