Environmental Update: Paper Straws Debut at the Disneyland Resort

Have you heard? The Disneyland Resort has started to implement paper straws that are biodegradable. The straws are similar to the ones already in use at the Walt Disney World Resort at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. This is part of Disney’s Environmentality initiative to reduce plastic waste produced at the park, which also includes area-specific reusable shopping bags throughout the Resort.

The straws come packaged inside paper (woooo! Made in the USA!) and the paper straw itself is pretty sturdy if you don’t take your time on your drink.

The straws were first spotted at Red Rose Taverne, and are making their way to all of the restaurants. They were readily available at the condiments section of the restaurant, so you did not need to ask for them behind the counter. We also spotted them in Disney California Adventure on the Pacific Wharf. We’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before they can be found everywhere.

It’s great to see Disney take steps to reduce plastic waste. Have you all seen them in the parks yet?

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