Try Everything: Fantasia Mickey Churro

Of course we were all about this magical-looking treat when we heard the Fantasia Mickey Churro was finally joining the Get Your Ears On celebration! Especially since the actual show (Fantasmic!) is on a bit of a hiatus. Found at the Churro cart right across from the Mark Twain in Frontierland, you can pick up this dual colored chocolate churro with a side of red marshmallow dipping sauce for $6.25.

The photo posted on the cart insinuates that there will be a white-chocolate sorcerer hat, but it seems that Disneyland has chosen to go with yellow ‘Mickey’ buttons instead. I was admittedly a little bummed about this but got over it once the gorgeous snack was handed over to me.

We absolutely loved the scattered stars found within the sprinkles and couldn’t wait to bite into this chocolate flavored treat.

Upon the first bite, it tastes like Cocoa-Puff cereal, but that quickly went away once the overwhelming flavor of the dyed sugar kicked in. We were unfortunately not a fan, which was disappointing since we were super excited for this one. We’re not completely knocking this one though—we might go back to try it with a bit less sugar coating…or maybe ask for it in its pure form. Mmmm chocolate. If you got the Fantasia Mickey Churro too, let us know what you thought!

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