Try Everything: Golden Dreams Booth

GOLDEN DREAMS is new to the festival this year and can be found near the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail Entrance just off of the San Francisco Street.

Snacks and Desserts

Deconstructed Teriyaki Chicken Musubi with Pineapple Relish $7.25: This deconstructed dish doesn’t scream Musubi, but it is tasty. Think of it more as a pineapple fried rice, because that’s what it tastes like. We definitely wish SPAM was used here instead of chicken, which would give it a more traditional musubi vibe. Otherwise, the flavors compliment each other well and the portion is decent. This is a good choice if you’re not sure what to get, or if you’re trying to get the most food out of your Sip and Savor pass.

Anaheim Chile Relleno Bites with Salsa Verde (V) $6.75: This treat is absolutely delicious and we did not want to share. These pack a flavorful punch. We were worried about the bites getting soggy sitting in a sea of salsa verde, but they hold up well and we cleaned up every last bit. Our only request would be to find out who to petition to keep these year-round…and in a full-sized portion. Add this to your festival list!

Chocolate Peanut Caramel Parfait (GF) $5.50: If you like Snickers, this one is for you. It’s like a deconstructed bar with sea salt sprinkled on top, served in an adorable little cup. This is the perfect treat for any time of day (even in the rain). Don’t pass up trying this one!


Yippee! Mickey’s Cotton Candy Soda (non-alcoholic) $7.00: This treat is made with Sprite, cotton candy premium syrup (provides the blue color), rimmed with buttercream frosting and Mickey sprinkles, and finally topped with pineapple-flavored cotton candy garnish. It’s a very light flavor upon first sip, which was incredibly surprising based on looks alone. If you crave something a little sweeter, you can just throw in your cotton candy (amount to your liking) and then the party really gets started! The drink turns a fun green color as you change the flavor. We think this soda is more Instagram worthy than anything—it turns a scary grey/purple color if the sprinkles fall in. And we weren’t quite sure what the point of the frosted rim was, but the entire drink did make for great photos.

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