Mickey’s PhilharMagic Now Enchanting Guests at the Disneyland Resort

Just before accepting guests for the day

Mickey’s PhilharMagic first opened at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in October 2003. A massive fan favorite at the Orlando resort, this attraction features Donald Duck as the star of the show and in its original version hosts a MASSIVE 150ft widescreen to fully immerse audiences in the magic.

Imagineers have adapted this Magic Kingdom classic for the Disneyland Resort at Disney California Adventure Park in Hollywood Land. The Sunset Showcase Theater, or former Muppets Theater, is the location for the newly opened attraction.

Guests who have visited the Orlando version of this attraction will recognize these posters

The pre-show and entry way have been slightly reimagined for this new experience, and you may recognize parts here and there from its Muppets and Frozen past.

Preshow waiting area

The 4D experience itself is essentially the same as it’s Orlando counterpart, but reimagined for the screen size and unique theater elements specific to the Sunset Showcase Theater. For those asking, yes they did indeed incorporate the Donald Duck butt animatronic as seen in the version at the Magic Kingdom. (Although slightly different) If you already love this attraction, then you will of course be very happy with this version. For those that have never experienced the attraction in the Magic Kingdom or those have never visited the Walt Disney World resort, definitely make it a point to see this attraction on your next visit to the Disneyland Resort.

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