Isla Nu-Bar to Feature Tropical-Themed Tiki Drinks

One of the new additions to the Jurassic World area of Universal Studios Hollywood is the open-air Isla Nu-Bar location just adjacent to the main attraction. Isla Nu-Bar also paying homage to the name of the fictional island off of the coast of Costa Rica, Isla Nublar.

@thecalibae on Instagram, 2019

Universal shared today that the bar would feature tropical-themed tiki cocktails in three different collectible cups. Universal also described the available cocktails and drinks with the following:

Whether blended or made-to-order with fresh juices, every aromatic blended drink is adorned with a pineapple leaf and edible orchid flower.  Flavorable beverages include Tropical Margarita, Piña Colada and Painkiller, along with island cocktails such as Tiki Tai, Bird of Paradise, Ti Peach, Rum Runner and Mai Tai.

Universal Studios Hollywood, 2019
Etched Tiki Cup from Isla Nu-Bar at Universal Studios Hollywood
Bamboo-Style Tiki Cup from Isla Nu-Bar at Universal Studios Hollywood

Sign us up for tropical drinks any day, so you’ll definitely find us at Isla Nu-Bar this summer. We definitely hope to see some Dino-themed cocktails and collectible mugs in the future. Are you excited for Isla Nu-Bar, or is the Jurassic Cafe topping your list instead. Let us know on Instagram!

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