Butterbeer Price Increase at Universal Studios Hollywood to Directly Compete with Blue and Green Milk at Galaxy’s Edge

Guests who have watched closely, they noticed a new price increase for the popular libation at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood. Butterbeer has officially increased to $7.99 per glass.

Prices were updated at the Butterbeer cart.
Hot Butterbeer and Butterbeer pricing both also updated in Three Broomsticks.

This price increase comes off the heels of another themed drink in a Galaxy far far away, that is also $7.99 but for a much smaller portion. Now that Butterbeer prices have increased, the two themed drinks directly compete with each other. However guests get more bang for their buck with a Butterbeer, as the portion is much larger than the portion Disney provides with either Blue or Green Milk.

Green and Blue Milk normal serving at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in a smaller glass.
Butterbeer normal serving at Wizarding World of Harry Potter in a much larger glass.

Both theme parks have brought to life something fans were craving to try for themselves, as they experienced the movies in real life. While we feel Butterbeer is a much better drink (in all forms) than the Blue or Green Milk offerings found at Disneyland, some fans might not agree.

What do you think? Do you think Blue and Green Milk was a direct answer by Disney to compete with Butterbeer, and which one do you feel is better?

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