MagicBands or RFID Coming to Disneyland Resort?

Today we spotted something unusual yet familiar when getting into an elevator at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. This newly installed touch point has been added in every guest elevator and select guests areas, and is similar to the ones already in use at Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

MagicBands are currently used at all Walt Disney World Resorts as well as by Annual Passholders instead of the traditional cards and paper tickets that guests are familiar with now on the West Coast.

© Disney

We are huge fans of the use of this technology, so we really do hope this is a sign of Disneyland advancing at least at its hotels. This could also lead into guests being able to use their smart phones and smart watches to gain access to their rooms, which is another feature already in use at the Walt Disney World Resort as well.

© Disney

With D23 Expo just around the corner and the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort playing host to a wide variety of company executives, it would be the perfect time to begin testing. What is your opinion? Do you like the MagicBands already in use at the Walt Disney World Resort, or do you prefer Disneyland Resort’s current method of a smartphone-based system? Let us know with a comment or on social media.


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