Get Fully Immersed in Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm

If you’ve never been to Knott’s Berry Farm before, now is the time to go! With each passing month this park has progressively stepped up their game and we can’t get enough of the fun they have to offer. Although we are reaching the tail end of Ghost Town Alive (set to end on September 2nd), their fully immersive western story line within the boundaries of Calico is worth the trip.

What is Ghost Town Alive? Well, it’s very much like Live Action Roll Playing. As a guest you’re given firsthand experience to play an important part in an unfolding story of the wild west. There are specific tasks and activities and you have the ability to assume an essential role as an honorary citizen of Calico.

The best way to catch up on what’s been going on around town is to snag a copy of the local paper when you first arrive.

Yes, no detail is spared–there is even a special newspaper that is part of the story so that you’re able to keep up with everything happening around you. There’s also scheduled events and the ability to follow different perspectives if you visit multiple times and track a single character the entire day. This wholesome fun is great for guests of all ages, so don’t be shy! Have you had the opportunity to take part in Ghost Town Alive?

We enjoy being able to go to Knott’s Berry Farm and be fully immersed in a small-town atmosphere. If you stick around later in the day, you can also take advantage of Knott’s Summer Nights. This new-to-us event is a HUGE hit complete with rotating live music, delicious food, and hilarious entertainment. All of this is really building up our anticipation for what we believe to be the park’s crown jewel: Knott’s Scary Farm.

We attended for the first time last year and were absolutely blown away by the artistry, talent, and pure terror that we experienced. We cannot wait to see what they’ve been cooking up.

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