Halloween & Dia de Los Muertos Merchandise Descends on Disney Parks

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Wait…it’s barely the middle of August but spooky themed merchandise has officially made its way into both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort shops. Whether you’re into villains or adorably spoopy accessories, there’s something for everyone in this seasonal release.

Candy Corn Spirit Jersey – $64.99

This brand new Halloween Spirit Jersey features the Walt Disney World or Disneyland “D” (depending on the coast you prefer) with candy corn layered colors and a pumpkin Mickey Mouse head inside. On the back, you’ll find the same candy corn colors within the corresponding logo with a Mickey Mouse pumpkin head inside of the “D”.

Credit: Blog Mickey
Credit: Blog Mickey

Witchy Ears – $27.99

These ears take us back to Disney Catalog days, where you could pick the perfect costume from the pages that were delivered to your door. There’s nothing more classically Halloween than Minnie Mouse as a witch and these Minnie Ears are perfection topped with a tiny hat.

Candy Corn Ears – $27.99

Looking to have a complete Halloween look? There’s a new Candy Corn Minnie Mouse Ear Headband to go with your Spirit Jersey! The bow features the candy corn colors with some glitter and sequins. The ears have black sequins and the headband lining is orange for some added contrast.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Loungefly Backpack – $80.00

Want to absolutely complete your Halloween park-hopping look? Disney has released two new Loungefly backpacks to celebrate! One backpack has a Mickey Mouse pumpkin design. The front of the backpack is the perfect shade of orange with yellow stitching to highlight Mickey’s features and a green stitched ‘stem’ on top. We’re digging the textured look this bag has.

Credit: Blog Mickey
Credit: Blog MIckey

We’re suckers for the small details and the inside of this bag features a unique pattern with ghosts, candy, spiders, bats and more.

Credit: Blog Mickey

Candy Corn Loungefly Backpack – $90

Want to round out your Candy Corn outfit? Well, pick up a Candy Corn backpack! Just like the ears, the backpack is covered in black sequins to complete the perfect matching set.

Credit: Blog Mickey
Credit: Blog MIckey

We didn’t think this collection could get any cuter and then we spotted the candy corn zippers.

Credit: Blog Mickey

This backpack has a touch of spooky whimsy on the interior as well.

Credit: Blog Mickey

Dia de los Muertos Ears – $27.99

These ears are very similar to those that were released last year to celebrate the movie ‘Coco’. Last years ears had bright neon pink, green, blue, orange, and red flowers with a black bow. This year, the ears have a purple open-work bow with yellow, purple, orange, white, and red flowers along the headband.

Dia de los Muertos Ear Hat – $27.99

Not a fan of the headband? The new ear hat says “Day of the Dead Celebration” in Spanish across the ears.

Day of the Dead Women’s Tee – $34.99

Need a shirt to match this theme? There’s a few shirts to fit the bill. The bottom of this particular style says “Day of the Dead Celebration” as well as “Walt Disney World” or “Disneyland Resort”, depending on the coast you purchase it on.

Credit: Blog Mickey

Day of the Dead Tie Dye Adult Tee – $34.99

This orange tie dye tee features a black skull with “Walt Disney World” or “Disneyland Resort” on the left sleeve.

Credit: Blog Mickey

Day of the Dead Youth Tees – $19.99 Each

There are two kids tees available for purchase that are complimentary to the adult styles, so the entire family can coordinate for your next Disney day!

Credit: Blog Mickey
Credit: Blog Mickey

Captain Hook Tee – $24.99

Available on both coasts, this bright green tee is made for the “Captain of Bad” in your life.

Credit: Blog Mickey

Cruella Tank – $34.99

You can channel your inner Cruella De Vil while keeping cool with this silhouette tank top.

Credit: Blog Mickey

Evil Queen Tee – $29.99

The Evil Queen’s signature purple makes this top unmistakable. It’s perfect for the leading lady in your life!

Credit: Blog Mickey

Evil Queen Apron – $34.99

Planning on whipping up some sinful treats this Halloween Season? Keep your clothes clean with this apron. On the skirt of the apron are silhouette of other villains such as Maleficent, Captain Hook, Cruella, the Evil Queen herself, and Ursula.

Credit: Blog Mickey

Light Up Snow Globe – $49.99

This snow globe plays on perception with both Maleficent and her dragon form inside. It’s the perfect trinket to keep out year-round.

Maleficent Hat – $27.99

Matching the snow globe, this Maleficent hat also features “I’m a Monster at Heart” in green sequins. There are patent black horns with stripes of green sequins. The frontside of the hat itself is covered in purple sequins while the back has been left black.

Poison Apple Mug – $22.99

Nothing says Disney at Halloween like the poison apple. This mug features the classic ruby red apple with ominous white ‘poison’. We might have to add this to the collection.

Credit: Blog Mickey

Poison Apple Candle Holder – $19.99

This tea-light candle holder will set the mood all season long, complete with removable topper and and easily accessible area in the back.

Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll continue to add to this “merchandise guide” as we come across new items. What will you be adding to your seasonal collection?

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