‘Spilling the Tea’ on the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Afternoon Tea at Steakhouse 55

From October 6th through November 3rd, Steakhouse 55 is hosting Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Tea at the Disneyland Hotel. Although not stated on the official Disneyland website, this seasonal celebration replaces the traditional tea offering.

We managed to snag a reservation in the middle of the night and couldn’t wait to experience the newest theme Steakhouse 55 had to offer. We were welcomed with spooky music, dimmed lights, and an incredible ghost-host, Kindra.

Closeup of Haunted Mansion themed menu

Along with the Haunted Mansion themed menu, there were a few new teas on the list. We decided to give all three a try: Gingerbread House (the official themed tea), Lemon Sorbetti, and a White Ginger Pear while choosing to do the premium tea party sitting. This option included a glass of sparkling wine, seasonal salad, and a pair of truffles upon departure. If the idea of a warm cup of tea doesn’t sound enticing this time of year, you have the option to have it served ‘iced’ in a personal carafe. Disney really does think of everything!

Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Tea: where creepy themes and whimsy create magic in the form of a fresh flower arrangement

First to arrive at the table was the sparkling wine followed by steaming pots of tea. The table favorites were the Gingerbread House (full of flavor, with cinnamon and ginger notes) and White Ginger Pear (soothing and aromatic).

Left: Lemon Sorbetti, Middle: White Ginger Pear, Right: Gingerbread House

Not long after, the “Tight-Rope-Walking Stretching Room” themed salad materialized and it did not disappoint. The plating was enchanting and we soon realized that this tea came with a very detailed story…complete with crocodile (romanesco) infested waters.

The salad was also composed of mandarins, sliced radishes, cheese, gooseberries, and beets topped with a lychee vinaigrette. As always, this unexpected combination of flavors worked incredibly well together and enjoyed it much more than anticipated.

Once we devoured our salads, we were presented with Lime curd (known as the ‘green goo’, exclusive to this tea), Devonshire Cream, and Blackberry jam.

Then, out came the main event! Served much like a stretching room, it’s meant to be consumed from the bottom to the top.

The first course consisted of Mickey-shaped cotton candy scones and bloodied blackberry scones.

While the latter was a bit dry and lacking flavor, the cotton candy scone somehow managed to be not-too-sweet and absolutely scrumptious. Color us surprised!

The second course was made up of sinister plays on tea-time classic finger sandwiches.

There was a beating heart with beets and goat cheese, Banh Mi with pickled onions and carrots and mayonnaise, stretching-room sammie with ham and cucumber, and a hat-box ghost complete with cured beef and blue cheese mustard. Not a crumb was left behind from this layer–the flavors were fantastic and the portions were perfect.

By this time, we felt like we needed to make our final arrangements with Constance…but we managed to leave a little room for the most anticipated course: dessert.

Madame Leota made an appearance in a multi-layered panna cotta topped with green jelly and chocolate fortune face. I really enjoyed the dark chocolate bitshidden within the dish while my fellow diners weren’t too sure if they liked it or not. Accompanying her on the plate were chocolate Doom Buggy whoopie pies filled with marshmallow creme, undead bride red velvet cake pops (complete with hatchet), and ghostly chocolate dipped strawberries. This display tasted just as good as it looked and we really enjoyed these themed versions of classic bites.

While this can seem like an overwhelming meal, you need not rush. Our host encouraged us to relax and really savor the experience. She even brought us extra cotton candy Mickey scones to box up with our left overs (we tapped out halfway through dessert). Before we left, Kindra made sure to validate our parking (valet and self parking are included for 3 hours) and presented us with our departure truffles.

If you have the opportunity, make a reservation for any of the afternoon tea offerings. Both the classic and themed versions are unforgettable. This Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary celebration blew us away. These special menus keep getting better and better. We can’t imagine what they’ll come up with next–but we already can’t wait to try it. Afternoon Tea is held from 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with this one running through November 3rd, in honor of Haunted Mansion’s 50th year. The cost for this event is as follows: $65 for premium tea, $52 for classic tea, and $35 for children, plus 18% gratuity and taxes. All discounts are accepted.

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