New Menu Debuts at Tangaroa Terrace

This week, Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel revealed a brand new menu for both breakfast and lunch/dinner.

It was hard to decide whether we wanted to do breakfast or the later menu, so we planned for both.

First up: breakfast. We couldn’t resist the thought of having loco moco and fluffy Japanese pancakes outside of their respective countries!

Loco Moco Burrito

Steamed Rice, Chopped Beef Patty, Fried Egg, Gravy, and Crunchy Onions, served with Salsa Roja for $13.00

This was the BEST loco moco outside of Hawaii. The portion is definitely shareable (or not, if you prefer a large breakfast). The flavors are spot on and we are guaranteed to be back again for this one!

Thick & Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Vanilla Fluffy Pancakes, Tropical Fruit Compote, Guava Syrup for $13.00

The culinary team is still working on perfecting this menu item, but it’s really tasty so far. We opted for the syrup on the side and we’re glad we did—the pancakes are delicious on their own (although the fruit compote and syrup are pretty well paired with it).

Açai Chia Breakfast Bowl

Açai Purée blend with Bananas, Strawberry and Coconut Milk, Chia Seed Pudding, topped with Granola, Coco Nibs and Berries for $8.00

This is a fantastic value for your money when it comes to eating at the Resort and is a great vegan option if you remove the coco nibs (as we didn’t get confirmation whether they’re dairy-free or not). We both enjoy a fruity breakfast bowl and children even liked this option as well.

So far, from what we tried, this new menu is a slam-dunk! While we didn’t think there was anything wrong with the former food offerings, these changes spoke to our inner-foodie. Stay tuned for a review of Tangaroa’s lunch/dinner menu. Here’s a peek at the menu in the mean time:

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