Incident on the New Disney Skyliner

We have an unfortunate update for everyone, as late last night there were reports of an incident on the brand new Disney Skyliner at the Riviera Resort station. This incident caused an unexpected shutdown of the system leaving guests suspended in their gondolas for hours at a time.

The Disney Skyliner station at Disney’s Riviera Resort

Disney has provided an official statement saying there have been no injuries to anyone as a result of this incident, and that the Disney Skyliner will remain closed indefinitely as they investigate the cause of what happened.

If you are traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort and are staying at a Disney Skyliner Resort, make sure you adjust your transportation plans to include buses, Minnie Vans, and or boats instead to get you to and from the theme parks. We don’t have any idea when the Disney Skyliner will reopen, so it’s best to just plan at this point that it will be closed.

Views from the Disney Skyliner flying over Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

We think it best to not speculate on what exactly happened until something more official and concrete is released by either Walt Disney World and or Disney. In the end, we thoroughly enjoyed our rides on the Disney Skyliner during our recent visit shortly after its opening, and still are confident that it is an efficient form of transportation. However we hope they can get to the bottom of what happened and make the necessary changes to make sure something like this doesn’t happen in the future.

We also felt it important to share with our followers the closure of this system for those planning their vacations and upcoming trips to Walt Disney World, and will update again if we hear anything in regards to the reopening of the system at a later time.

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